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Do I have a valid claim if I was injured in a bar or winery?

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After a long work week, it’s common for individuals to meet up with their friends at a bar or winery to unwind. However, drinking in excess can lead to severe accidents and injuires. It’s essential to consume alcohol in moderation to avoid any mishaps. If someone becomes too intoxicated, their behavior can put others at risk, so establishments must refrain from overserving their patrons. If you were overserved at one of these establishments and injured due to their negligence, you could take legal action to seek monetary compensation for your damages. Similarly, the property owner may be liable for your injuries if you were injured because of an unsafe property condition. Please continue reading and contact a skilled New York City & Westchester County Personal Injury Attorney to learn how we can help you fight to obtain the maximum compensation you may be entitled to. 

Who’s liable for an injury in a bar or winery?

If you were injured in an accident after being overserved alcohol at a bar or winery, you can file a claim against the vendor that overserved you. If you were visibly intoxicated and the restaurant illegally continued to serve you alcohol, they can be held liable for your injuries. In New York, Dram Shop laws hold bars accountable for knowingly overserving alcohol and contributing to a greater risk of accidents and injuries. Nonetheless, you must prove that the bar overserved an underage or visibility-intoxicated individual. Unfortunately, it is insufficient to prove you were drunk and the bar served you alcohol. This means you must demonstrate that the bar knew you were underage or intoxicated. You cannot sue the establishment simply because you had too much to drink and made reckless decisions such as getting behind the wheel. To take legal action against the bar or winery, you must prove the illegal service of alcohol.

Ultimately, proving the liability of a bar or winery can be challenging as patrons voluntarily consume alcohol. However, it is in your best interest to retain the legal services of an experienced attorney from The Bàez Legal Group, who can help you investigate the circumstances of the accident and gather evidence to prove your claim.

Our firm is prepared to fight vigorously for the just compensation you deserve. While it may seem odd to sue a bar for overserving alcohol, being overserved is illegal and can result in devastating accidents and injuries. Therefore, bars and wineries should be held responsible for their negligence. Contact an experienced New York City & Westchester County personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.