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How can I stay safe from drunk drivers on Halloween?

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Halloween is fun for both children and adults. While children are excited to go trick-or-treating, adults are excited to go to Halloween parties thrown by friends or family where they can let loose. Typically, these parties involve the consumption of alcohol. If you know that you are going to be drinking on Halloween, you must plan your transportation ahead of time to ensure everyone’s safety. Having just one drink can significantly impair your ability to operate a vehicle. Trick-or-treaters swarm the streets on Halloween night, putting them at great risk of injury due to a negligent driver. As a driver, you must uphold the rules of the road to ensure everyone’s safety. Halloween drunk drivers pose a threat to the community. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to ensure you are not hit by a drunk driver, but you can take certain provisions that will decrease the likelihood. In the unfortunate event, you are injured due to a driver’s negligence on Halloween, contact an experienced Westchester County Personal Injury Attorney who can help you seek justice for the wrongs committed against you. 

How can I stay safe as a pedestrian?

Drunk drivers are a serious concern for pedestrians. Pedestrians need to remain alert while on the road this Halloween. It is up to children’s parents to ensure their child knows general safety rules to ensure they are out of harm’s way. Pedestrians should follow some of these general safety guidelines to ensure they stay safe from drunk drivers:

  • Only cross the street at crosswalks
  • Don’t cross the street from behind parked cars
  • Only walk on sidewalks
  • Only walk on streets with ample light
  • Have a set curfew
  • Travel in a large group to enhance visibility to drives
  • Don’t cross while distracted
  • Do not assume that a car sees you
  • Do not move in unpredictable ways

How can I avoid drunk driving on Halloween?

As a driver, you have a responsibility to pedestrians to drive safely and abide by the laws set forth. You must take necessary provisions to ensure you do not endanger pedestrians trick-or-treating by getting behind the wheel while impaired. Drivers should remember to plan their transportation before going to a party. They should know their limits. If they are too drunk to drive, they should call a sober friend or family member to pick them up. If you cannot find a sober individual to pick them up you can call a cab, Uber, or Lyft. If you are hosting a Halloween party you should take away anyone’s keys who are visibly too drunk to get behind the wheel. If they refuse, call the police to ensure everyone’s safety. Halloween is a scary night, but don’t let that scary night turn tragic. If you are too drunk to drive, do not get behind the wheel.

All of these safety tips can help reduce the chances of injury from a negligent driver this Halloween. On Halloween, the most common cause of pedestrian-related auto accidents is drunk driving. This Halloween, if you are injured because of a negligent driver resulting in catastrophic injuries, contact one of our experienced team members.