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What fall driving hazards should I be aware of in New York?

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We can all agree that there’s a lot to love about the fall. From the changing leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin picking, and Halloween, the fall can bring great joy. However, when drivers let their guard down during this time as they think snow and ice are the only treacherous driving hazards they must watch out for, devastating accidents and injuries occur. The fall brings unique driving hazards that drivers must be aware of to keep themselves and everyone on the road safe. If you’ve been injured due to another driver’s negligence, please get in touch with a skilled New York City & Westchester County Auto Accident Lawyer who can help you fight to obtain the rightful compensation you deserve.

What are the most common fall driving hazards in New York?

As the summer ends, children are sent back to school. With school back in session, this increases traffic from school buses frequently stopping to pedestrians crossing. Drivers must be vigilant of students crossing and follow the speed limits at all times, especially in school zones. The fall season is also the time of the year when many families celebrate Halloween when children dress up and walk around their neighborhood to trick-or-treat. As such, drivers must drive with the utmost caution and comply with the rules of the road to prevent devastating accidents.

Wild animals are another significant driving hazard during this season. Fall is an active breeding time for deer. Therefore, drivers are more likely to encounter these critters on the road. If deer are spotted, drivers must lower their speed and watch for others because they could try to cross the road unexpectedly.

Are leaves considered a hazard?

Furthermore, the darkness and wet weather conditions significantly threaten drivers. During this time of the year, as Daylight Saving Time ends, drivers will spend more time driving in the dark. The darkness and the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights may impair your color recognition and peripheral vision. Unfortunately, this can cause temporary blindness for a few seconds, preventing drivers from being able to see the roadway.

In the fall, rain is quite common, and leaves fall from trees, which causes an increase in slippery surfaces. Slippery roads may cause hydroplaning and hinder a driver’s visibility if it is a heavy downpour. Fog can also contribute to making visibility difficult for drivers. Leaves on the ground can also accumulate and conceal hazardous road conditions such as potholes and uneven surfaces, which, combined with slippery surfaces, can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, it is in your best interest to contact a competent lawyer from the Bàez Legal Group, who can guide you through the claims process and fight for maximum compensation to help get you back on your feet.