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What Should I Know About Speaking With an Insurance Adjuster After an Auto Accident?

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It is important to understand the risks of speaking to an insurance adjuster after an accident and during the personal injury claim process. Insurance adjusters will try to discredit your injuries and try to reach a quick settlement. If you were injured in an auto accident, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced Westchester County car accident lawyer who can help navigate speaking to insurance adjusters.

Should I Hire an Attorney Before Speaking With an Insurance Adjuster?

After a car accident, an insurance adjuster will most likely approach you to speak about the accident you were injured in. An insurance adjuster is an individual who investigates on behalf of an insurance company. They will investigate the claim you made against their policyholder. Insurance adjusters try to get the victim to admit some degree of fault. They will try to minimize the severity of your injuries. The insurance company sends insurance adjusters to try to determine if they have to pay for damages. The main thing you should know about speaking with an adjuster is that they are not on your side.

What Information Should I Give an Insurance Adjuster?

You should only tell an insurance adjuster your basic personal information such as your name, address, and telephone number. Insurance adjusters will try to make you give a statement, but they are simply trying to bait you into giving information about the accident that could hurt your case. The adjuster might ask you about the injury to persuade you to admit some degree of fault. You should not give an adjuster any information about your injury sustained from the auto accident. It is better to say nothing at all to avoid being exploited by an insurance adjuster.

Should I Settle Immediately With an Insurance Adjuster?

Oftentimes, after an auto accident, insurance adjusters will offer plaintiffs a quick settlement because it saves them time and money. They are trying to help the insurance company pay as little as possible for damages. They will offer you a small amount before you fully understand how much your personal injury claim is worth. Collecting a settlement may seem like a quick way to get compensation without the headache of having to go through the claim process. The money might entice you, but you must resist that push because they are likely trying to cheat you out of a larger settlement. If you have suffered an injury in an auto accident, reach out to a Westchester County personal injury attorney who can help you get fair compensation.


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