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Grocery Store Accidents

Grocery shopping is something that most of us have to do at least once a week, which is why we seldom imagine serious accidents happening while simply walking through the produce section or freezer aisle, however–unfortunately–they can, and if you’ve been hurt in one, you need a knowledgeable New York City & Westchester County grocery store accidents lawyer on your side. Contact The Bàez Legal Group today.

Do I Need an NYC & Westchester County Grocery Store Accidents Lawyer?

Often, insurance companies will try to deny compensation to those who are entitled to it, making matters even more difficult for the severely injured. No one should have to fight the uphill battle to financial compensation on their own. It is always best to proceed with a seasoned New York City & Westchester County slip and fall lawyer who has significant experience handling grocery store accident claims.

Causes of Grocery Store Accidents

As you can imagine, in most cases, grocery store accidents are entirely preventable. Typically, they only occur when grocery store ownership or staff is negligent. Some of the most common types of grocery store hazards that cause accidents are as follows:

  • Poorly placed or assembled merchandise displays
  • Unsafely placed floormats
  • Spilled liquids left uncleaned
  • Debris or broken merchandise left in aisles
  • Unsafe supermarket parking lots or sidewalks
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate security
  • Items falling from shelves

Documenting, Reporting & Proving a Grocery Store Accident

Once you are injured, if you can, it is paramount that you take certain steps to maximize your chances of holding liable parties responsible for their injuries. If possible, try to do the following after your accident:

  1. Notify the store owner of your accident and call the police to the scene. They will also send emergency medical services to the scene.
  2. Ask any witnesses for their contact information so they can corroborate your claim later on.
  3. Take pictures of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident.
  4. Once you have your injuries treated, you should obtain a copy of all medical documentation pertaining to your injuries. Your physician should have documented the origin and extent of your injuries, which we can use to help satisfy the burden of proof in your personal injury claim.
  5. Hire a knowledgeable New York City & Westchester County grocery store accidents lawyer who can work to uncover all other evidence needed to win your personal injury claim. In certain cases, we can subpoena surveillance footage of your accident as it occurred, which is often the most valuable form of evidence when it comes to personal injury claims.

Ensure that you do not wait to bring your claim, as the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York State is, typically, three years. Waiting longer than three years will most likely time-bar you from pursuing compensation. Our firm is ready to help you today.

Contact a New York City & Westchester County Grocery Store Accidents Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in a grocery store due to grocery store ownership or staff negligence, you need to speak with us as soon as you can. Contact The Bàez Legal Group to schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced legal team.

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